Etage 15 – #financeforfuture – How ESG regulation impacts debt funds 02:23:48

Our ETAGE 15 format picks up topics at the crossroad of regulation, legal and actual market practice and fosters interdisciplinary engagement with ongoing developments and future challenges. While the topic of ESG has evolved from groundbreaking to early adopter stage for the regulated banking industry (largely due to regulation), it still has some miles to go before reaching the tipping point. Similarly fund and asset managers of private debt strategies face the dynamisms of change, less directly from regulators, but nonetheless forcefully by growing expectations of their (institutional) investor base. However, regulators are catching up with debt funds’ regulations aiming for ESG transparency, reporting and risk management. Market standards for debt documentation are integrating ESG aspects (with some variety) and develop a driving force for asset managers wanting to maintain their assets more liquid. At our recent ETAGE 15, experts from diverse backgrounds – ESG KPI advisory, regulatory lawyers, debt fund manager and credit transaction lawyers to name a few – came together just before Super Return 2022 started in Berlin to shed some light at this crossroad and the future of private debt funds. On June 13, 2022, 5:00pm to 7:30pm, this ETAGE 15 took place at Studio 14 – rbb roof top lounge in Masurenallee 20, 14057 Berlin followed by networking on a spectacular rooftop terrace. The event also was streamed live.
Monday June 13th, 2022