Living responsibility.

01 Diversity and inclusion

We embrace openness and diversity. We strive to avoid prejudice. We regard diversity of perspectives, lifestyles, and ways of life as positive characteristics. We think positively and are curious about different experiences. Humanity and fairness are important to us, not group affiliation.

02 New Work

We don’t think in terms of status. We define ourselves neither by how long we stay in the office, nor by our office size, nor by office attire.

We try out new forms of work. All lindenpartners team members are free to work in the office, at home, or elsewhere. We have systematically established the technical conditions ensuring that our work is completely location independent. Our office in Berlin Mitte serves primarily as a place to meet clients and other team members, and to exchange ideas.

03 Green Office

At our Christmas party, the menu choice is either vegetarian or vegan. We have radically reduced our use of paper and keep files in digital format only. We don’t use disposable plastic. For work-related travel, we always use the train.

04 Pro bono work

We advise on a pro-bono basis in selected cases.

We attach particular importance to advising refugees on laws relating to foreigners and asylum. In this context, we work together with Bantabaa e.V., an association committed to the comprehensive support and integration of refugees. Another focus of ours is advising non-profit organizations in the arts.

05 Sustainability

The topic of sustainability is of particular importance to us in the context of our advisory services as well. Among other activities, we try to enable companies and financial institutions to engage in sustainable business by providing comprehensive information and advice on sustainable finance.