Why is the firm called “lindenpartners”?

It is everything we strive to be: it is compelling, accessible and partnership-driven.


When was “lindenpartners” established?

In 2006. The firm was founded by eight lawyers, some of whom had worked for many years at major law firms.


Why Berlin?

Berlin has the young talent we are looking for as well as a special dynamic. It also happens to be the city where many of our clients and cases are based.


Why only Berlin?

Our firm’s culture and our approach to consultation can be best realized at a single site. And this is something our clients appreciate. We are also extremely effective at working on cases throughout Germany from our base in Berlin.


lindenpartners has more than 35 lawyers on its staff. How many of them can be assigned to a project, even at a moment’s notice?

As many as are needed.


In what fields do the lawyers at lindenpartners specialize?

We provide services only in those fields of law where we have mastered the best practices. Each partner works in the field of law in which he or she has specialized. At our firm, young lawyers first receive general training and then move to a specialization. There is good reason for this: the projects entrusted to us frequently deal with multiple fields of law at one time. Only those lawyers who have learned to look at the bigger picture can provide first-rate, professional support for complex projects.


HOW does lindenpartners separate consultation from litigation?

Not at all. We believe that a good lawyer must not just be capable of structuring and negotiating complex agreements and projects in his or her area of expertise. A good lawyer must also be able to successfully argue a case in court. We believe that a lawyer who knows both sides is the better adviser.


How does lindenpartners link its individual areas of practice?

Our ability to work in interdisciplinary teams is our greatest strength. We develop solutions together. By doing so, we create a “collective learning process” that we constantly review and optimize as we strive to refine our project expertise.


How does lindenpartners create a work-life-balance?

We are service providers. For this reason, the individual needs of our lawyers have to take a backseat to the needs of our clients. But our lawyers do not just define themselves through their work. We believe in the importance of having a fulfilling life outside work and strive to carve out enough free time to achieve this. This is crucial to ensuring that we enjoy our work.


How does lindenpartners approach the issue of equal opportunity?

At lindenpartners, 30% of our partners and 40% of our associates are women. We are looking forward to continually increasing this percentage even further. There is no “glass ceiling” at our firm.

We provide all our lawyers with the same opportunity to effectively balance their personal and professional lives, by taking such steps as offering flexible work-schedule models.


What is the breakdown of the age structure at lindenpartners and what is the ratio of partners to associates?

Our business model is not based on having a large number of associates shoulder the workload. At lindenpartners, our partners are also heavily involved in the firm’s casework. Moving forward, we aim to keep the ratio of partners to associates at around 1:1 while maintaining a balanced age structure.


What kind of fee system does lindenpartners use?

First and foremost, we are both efficient and pragmatic. We do not waste our time or that of our clients. Our billing typically reflects the time spent on a project. But we are also open to alternative billing models.